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My Roots and Background
I was born and raised Roman
Catholic in a small town in
Westchester County, NY. I loved the
ritual and ceremony of the Mass, but
as I grew older I could not relate to
the dogma of the church.  At Boston
University I studied Religion along
with Psychology and Education.  As
a young adult I studied Eastern
Philosophies and practiced Yoga and
meditation.  I was also interested in
Native American traditions as well as
Earth/Nature-based beliefs.
Current information
I am now living  with my husband David in beautiful
Central Virginia.  In 2003 I gave up my human services
job and created an art form by carving inspirational
Chinese and Japanese calligraphy mounted on tiles.*  In
2004  I graduated from the USA Celebrant Foundation
with honors. What I learned at the Foundation was the
structure of ritual and ceremony and how to craft a
ceremony to reflect each person's values.  I still practice
meditation and also practice Tai Chi and Qigong every
morning with my husband.

I enjoy ceremony work for many reasons but most of all I
love helping people find their core or their sacred space;
and I get to go along for the ride.

* If you would like to see my art, go to
Gin Chi Designs..   
About Virginia
Creative Ceremonies
by Virginia Moore
I  became an All-Faiths Minister in 1975.  I took my
ministry to the people and worked with individuals with
disabilities, and later worked with people living with

I performed my first wedding in 1975.  Since my
graduation from the Celebrant USA Foundation in 2004,
I have performed over 200 weddings in Central Virginia
and the Shenandoah Valley.
Creating Ceremonies in
Charlottesville & Central
VA, Augusta,
& Page Counties.

I am certified as a
Wedding Officiant by
the Commonwealth of

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