From the beginning of our journey as human
    beings on this planet, we have expressed our
    innermost thoughts and feelings through sacred
    symbols.  The ancient languages use symbols or
    characters to represent a thought, a feeling or a
    concept.  I find that these symbols or characters
    speak to my core with their beauty and meaning.  

    Gin Chi Designs combines the beautiful
    art of calligraphy and sacred symbols with
    communication.  It allows you to give
    beautiful inspirational messages to others
    or an affirmation to yourself  through gifts
    or by displaying them in your home or

    Go to Example Art to see more Gin Chi
    Designs.  Or go to About the Art or About
    Virginia Moore to find out more about the
    art and my relationship to it.  Or finally,
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    an order or talk with me about Gin Chi

    Thank you,
    Virginia Moore