You choose the message, whether it be "I Love You" or
    "Thank You" forever.  A favorite gift for a marriage
    or anniversary is "Husband and Wife in Union with
    Peace and Harmony".  "The Journey " or "New
    Beginnings" is a great way to acknowledge a graduation.  
    Be creative with your gifting and create your own
    inspirational message and choose the language or
    symbols that best express your thoughts.
    Gin Chi Designs can be used to send or display almost
    any brief but meaningful message that is important to

    Here is a list of many of the messages and ideas that
    others have chosen to send or display:

Small Plaques

        Love - Chinese Character

    Be Brilliant/Shine - Japanese Kanji

    Cosmic Energy - Tibetan Symbol

    Tranquility - Chinese Character

    Truth - Chinese Character

    Harmony - Chinese Character

    OM - Sanskrit Symbol

    Thank you - Chinese Character

    Where Brilliant Dreams are Born - I Ching  Image

    Truth - What is Real - Japanese Kanji

    Joy - Chinese Character

    Dream - Chinese Character

    Be Peaceful - Chinese Character

    Good Friend - Japanese Kanji

    Believe/Have Faith - Japanese Kanji

    Good Luck - Japanese Kanji

    Peace & Harmony - Japanese Kanji

    Double Happiness - Chinese Character
            The Journey
         New Beginning/ Awakening

         Letting Go

         Long Live

    Wisdom - Chinese Character
         The Enso - Japanese symbol for absolute

    Happiness - Japanese Kanji

    Believe/Trust - Japanese Kanji

    Vital Energy - Chinese Character

    Good Luck - Japanese Kanji

    Live/Life - Chinese Character

    Beautiful - Japanese Kanji

    The Tao, The Way - Chinese Character

    Peace on Earth - Chinese Character

    Pax/Peace - Latin Symbol

    Shalom/Peace - Hebrew
         Peace - Arabic

         Wise Woman - Chinese Characters with sculpture

Large Plaques

    To Live, To Love, To Laugh - Chinese Characters

    Food, Friends & Wine - Chinese Characters

    Husband & Wife Living in Union with Peace and
    Harmony - Chinese Characters

    Be Strong, Be Clear, Be Real - Chinese Characters

    Yin/Yang - Chinese Characters and Taiji Symbol

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    you that expresses your message or values, click on
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