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by Virginia Moore
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For personalized ceremonies as described on
Ceremonies page, I usually charge $550.00
-- $650.  This includes my directing the
rehearsal and performing the ceremony, as well
as the initial creation and revising of the
ceremony in accordance with your wishes.  As
we create the ceremony together, you will have
access to my collection of readings, rituals and
vows, and you will be able to edit what I write
about you and the love you share.

If you want a more simple ceremony, the cost
can range from $350 to $450, depending on the
situation and what you want.

Finally, very simple elopement ceremonies, with
no or very few guests (and usually performed
during the week or outside of the wedding
season) can cost from $75 to $175 depending
on the situation.

There may be a travel fee depending on the
individual circumstances.
Other Ceremonies
I have no set fees for other types of ceremonies.  
We can negotiate the fee according to the
Creating Ceremonies in ,
Charlottesville & Central
VA, Augusta,
& Page Counties.

I am certified as a
Wedding Officiant by
the Commonwealth of

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