Gin Chi Designs are inspirations for
    your wall, table top or meditation
    alter.  I have always been fascinated
    with the written Chinese language.  
    This symbolized calligraphy is one of
    the world's oldest and most beautiful
    written languages.  In ancient times
    artists spent years perfecting their
    strokes in creating this abstract art
    Recently I have added Japanese,
    Tibetan, Hebrew,Sanscrit and Arabic
    calligraphy, as well as Native
    American symbols.
Combine Communication
    with Art

    With a Gin Chi plaque you
    can send an inspirational
    message to family or
    friend.  You can declare
    your love to that special
    person in your life or you
    can send a message or
    affermation to yourself.  
    Positive affirmations can be
    used as tools to help your
    mind stay focused and
    centered.  It can also be a
    way to say thank you over
    and over and over again.  

    Be creative in your gifting; I
    am willing to try and find a
    translation for any positive
    message you want to send.  
    The Plaques

    The large plaques are made of recycled (when
    available) slate 8"x 16" roofing tiles, galvanized
    steel or copper, coated with a poly sealer, 4"x 4"
    green slate tiles from India and 3"x 3" slate tiles
    cut from the roofing tiles.  The characters or
    symbols are all hand carved from polymer clay,
    baked and then hand painted with a special paint
    that looks like metal.  Because the characters are
    all hand carved, no two plaques are totally alike.
    The large plaques are mainly displayed on a wall,
    but can be displayed on a stand that can be
    purchased from an art store.

    The medium plaques are made of a single 4"x 4"
    green slate tile from India with a 3"x 3" black
    slate tile, galvanized steel mounted on a 8"x 8"
    black tile.

    The small plaques are made of hand tumbled 4"x
    4" white marble tiles mounted on a 6"x 6" black
    paper-mache' back.

    Glass rods and Chinese coins can be used as