Virginia is a graduate of
    Boston University where
    she studied Education,
    Psychology and Religion.
    Her studies of Eastern
    Religions and Philosophy
    introduced her to many
    symbols and languages.   

    After moving to Virginia in the '70s to "live off the land" I
    settled into a career in human services.  While raising a
    family and working with people with disabilities, and then
    later with people living with HIV/AIDS, I brought my
    creative energy to designing and building a house out of a
    mobile home.  We lived so far out in the sticks (a mile
    back from a county road) that no bank would give us a
    loan. It took a lot of work, but by the time the kids were
    grown and husband David and I were ready for a move
    into town, the trailer had been completely transformed,
    and it sold as a house.

    After moving into our new home in Charlottesville VA, I
    continued creating peaceful interior spaces with a new
    design for the kitchen.  It was while designing the Zen-like
    kitchen that I developed my line of calligraphy plaques.  I
    wanted some original art for the walls but after the
    appliances etc.all, the budget was pretty bare.  I fell in
    love with the slate tiles from India and started to
    experimenting with different ideas.  Since I had always
    been fascinated with Chinese calligraphy my Gin Chi
    Designs were the finishing touch for the new space.  

    To see examples of my creations, click on Gin Chi
    Designs Examples.

    In 2004  I completed the requirements to become a
    certified Celebrant.  A celebrant is a person who helps
    people create meaningful personalized ceremonies to
    celebrate all of the milestones in life.  (If you are
    interested to learn more about my celebrant work, click on
    Creative Ceremonies.